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A plethora of seasoned pirates

We embrace the spirit of piracy in our pursuit of innovation and entrepreneurship. Our crew of seasoned entrepreneurs brings a wealth of experience from the startup and corporate worlds. With a diverse range of backgrounds in engineering, software development, economics, marketing, and more, we set sail on daring ventures.
Why the name"Blackbeard"?
Pirates practiced a revolutionary form of democracy. Pirates voted on who should be captain, set limits on his power, and guaranteed crew members a say in the ship's affairs to keep the ship running smoothly for months and discourage revolt. This is exactly how we guide our ships into safe harbour. The leadership of pirates inspires us. Therefore, we decided to dedicate our studio to the greatest pirate of all time and apply the best of leadership and culture to our employees.
Introducing our Advisors: A symphony of Corporate leadership and Startup ingenuity
We're privileged to have the guidance of two distinguished advisors, each with their unique backgrounds. Meet Heinz Karrer, a former corporate CEO, whose vast experience in steering multinational firms imparts us with an understanding of established markets and effective leadership. Alongside him, we have Gian Reto à Porta, a dynamic startup entrepreneur and investor. His entrepreneurial spirit, combined with a keen eye for innovation and investment, allows us to navigate the vibrant startup landscape and identify groundbreaking opportunities. Together, their insights ensure we balance stability with innovation, merging the best of both worlds to drive our success.
Corporate Advisor / Heinz Karrer
form. CEO Axpo Group and form. president Economiesuisse
Chairman of the Board of Directors Jungfraubahn Holding AG and IFBC AG
Startup Advisor / Gian Reto à Porta
Serial Entrepreneur / Investor & Founder Norm.ch
Empowering Success Through Strategic Partnerships
At the heart of our ethos lies a steadfast belief in the power of strong partnerships. By collaborating with leading companies, we ensure that our clients always receive unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions. Our partnerships are carefully curated to bring together the best in the industry, guaranteeing that you benefit from a collective pool of top-tier resources, knowledge, and technologies. We're committed to fostering these strategic alliances, ensuring that every client benefits from the best of the best, setting new standards of excellence and driving mutual success.
Digital Partner
Marketing Partner
Academic Partner
Innovation Management Partner
Digital Marketing Partner
HubSpot for Startups Partner
How it started

Logbook Entry N° 1

Founded out of the pure will to do what the two founding captains are passionate about: To build something new. To experience adventures and to go ways that others have not yet gone.
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